Better Contours with Tilemill

With Mapbox's announcement of upcoming global vector contours, I would like to share a nice technique to discontinue contour lines underneath their labels, just like in real cartography… ;)

First, lets have some contours and throw in some labeling:

#bathymetrycontours {
    ::contour {
        line-color: #468;

    ::label {
        text ...

ESRI, your URLs speak volumes

Today, while browsing the internet for some open source GIS stuff I happened to end up on a ESRI webpage about their commitment on open source.

Reading their text really felt awkward at some points, but they managened to make me laugh at the end, when I followed their link ...

Getting useful git revision information

If you can't rely on versions numbers alone and need to get the exact git revision, you can always do the following to get the unoique commit hash:

$ git rev-parse HEAD

Does exactly what you want, but also is totally not usable, because it's way too long ...

Going with Pelican for a while

I've been using a number of systems so far to generate Lately Django + FeinCMS, before that several incarnations of Drupal and before that even some weird PHP CMS-like thing whose name I don't even remember anymore.

While I have happy with Django + FeinCMS there are still ...

Testing GEOS 3.3 PHP bindings

For PHP there has been an lack of GIS geometry functions libraries, like JTS provides for Java or GEOS for C.

Well, GEOS? GEOS provides Python bindings and with the upcoming release 3.3 there will be PHP bindings available! You can already try them using the code directly out ...

WFS without a map with OpenLayers

Typically you will use your WFSs with a map requesting and showing features as you pan along in OpenLayers. But you may need to get for example a single feature to calculate a bounding box to display but don't need the WFS to be on the map otherwise. Read ...