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Going the distance in 2022

I've been a lazy runner since 2016, collecting 2754km so far. A lot of them at parkrun, since that is a very inclusive running community. Friendships have formed and heck, I moved in with one of the local event directors two years ago...

Originally I went from couch to 5k, as many peeps trying to get into running do. Then a first 10k was targeted - and done. I set my eye for an half marathon later, which to be honest is quite an change of challenge from 5k or 10k. It's somewhat the first real long distance. I did it at the 201? Berlin Airport Run, where I forgot my timing chip at home, so it was only me and my running watch knowing. I came in at 2h00m38s which of course meant that after recovery I wanted to target the sub two hour mark.

By now I have done 18 half marathons with my personal best standing at 1h53m55s. (10k stands at 52m22s, 5k at 22m57s). It's easy to spot the bulk of 5k runs and half marathon runs in this pace vs distance chart taken from Smashrun:


Most of that was done by following a simple run some and then some more approach to "training", but now it's time to utilize those nice little gadgets collecting a lot of data about each run and the progression over time.

It's time to train for a marathon. And write about what works and what hurts.